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Is Your Water in SHAPE? ... SHAPE MATTERS!

AQUA blue® water softener and revitalizer restores your water's crystalline shape!

how it works as water softener

Better shaped water means:

money-back guaranteeAqua Blue 1010
  • Water Tastes Better, More Vibrant
  • Hair & Skin Feel Smoother
  • Better Metabolism & Digestion
  • Reduces Limescale Deposits
  • Cleans Better, Less Detergent
  • Reduce Chlorine in your Swimming Pool
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Aqua blue® Natural Water Softener & Revitalizer is manufactured in Bavaria, Germany, where the European tradition of savoring crystalline spring water remains vibrant.

AQUA blue® is a natural water softener & water revitalizer. AQUA blue® is NOT a water filter, it is NOT a water purifier. As a water softener, AQUA blue® is unlike other water softeners, water filters or water purifiers which all damage your water in processing; AQUA blue® actually improves the structure of your water while softening, returning your water to its original spring-water crystalline shape.